ExpWithEVs Podcast
Podcast Introduction

Podcast Introduction

We launch the ExpWithEVs podcast!

Hello and welcome to a brand new experiment - the Experiences with EVs podcast. As I started writing about my EV experiences and got deeper into it, I realised the need to understand it even better. Beyond the blog, podcasting is one of the ways I am going about doing this. The podcast will focus on companies in the Indian EV space, their business models and what value they are bringing to the EV consumer in India.

Hop along on this new ride with me.

You should be able to find this podcast on all your favourite platforms including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Please subscribe, the first episode releases next week!

The music is by Amrit Kapoor, voice over by Seema Ramchandani and the banner by Sanika. This podcast is produced by me, your host, Priyans Murarka.

P.S.: The podcast may take a couple of days to be made available on the above platforms.

ExpWithEVs Podcast
Experiences, technical and business use case discussions around EV driving in India
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