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Episode 1 - Chatting with Awadhesh Kumar Jha of Fortum Charge and Drive India

Episode 1 - Chatting with Awadhesh Kumar Jha of Fortum Charge and Drive India

We speak about Fortum and it's parent's journey, pain points of app based charging, franchisee business models as charge point operators and 2w/3w/4w charging

Chapters :

00:00 - Introduction

02:18 - Awadhesh’s prior experiences

06:15 - Fortum’s businesses and history

15:58 - Fortum’s Charge and Drive EV Charging app

23:55 - Fortum’s Future plans to setup DC Fast Chargers

32:58 - DC001 and 3W charging

We spoke about :

  • How he started his journey and ended up helping kickstart the EV infrastructure in India with Fortum.

  • Fortum’s existing businesses

  • Existing EV business and future expansion plans

  • Advantages and pitfalls of postpaid charging payment collection + new non wallet non account based solution to collect payments

  • Franchise business model as a charge point operator (CPO)

  • Foray into 3W logistics business

Errata :

  1. Fortum won the bid to set up a 600MW solar plant in Karnataka and not Rajasthan.

  2. Updated “70 megawatt, 100 megawatt, 250 megawatt size of plant”

Show notes :

  1. Blog and infographics link - https://expwithevs.substack.com/p/01-blog-chatting-with-awadhesh-fortum

  2. Supported by ActiveBuildings - Get your indoor air quality tested at your home or office starting at INR 699 only. Applicable in metro cities in India.

  3. Awadhesh on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/awadhesh-kumar-jha-0697a28/) and Twitter(https://twitter.com/yoursawadhesh).

  4. Me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/priyansmurarka/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ExpWithEVs).

  5. ExpWithEVs blog post analyzing the charging infra in India -

    Let's talk about : EV Apps on your phone
    This has mainly been a trip report kinda blog till now, but I'm widening the scope slowly, looking at other things from an EV driving experience. If you are an EV driver who has driven on highways in India, you’ll be able to relate to this problem. One has to install too many apps on the phone to help with charging, community help, and whatnot. I believe…
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  6. DPR - Detailed Project Report

  7. Fortum - https://www.fortum.in

  8. Fortum Charge and Drive India - https://www.fortum.in/services/vehicle-charging/information-about-us

  9. Fortum completes transaction to acquire Uniper - https://www.fortum.com/media/2020/03/fortum-closes-transaction-become-majority-owner-uniper

  10. Press releases about solar tenders - https://www.fortum.in/media/2022/03/fortum-has-won-right-build-200-mw-solar-capacity-india and https://www.fortum.in/media/2022/02/fortum-has-won-right-build-600-mw-solar-capacity-india

  11. Fortum and Log9 partnership - https://www.saurenergy.com/solar-energy-news/log-9-materials-partners-with-fortum-india-to-develop-ev-charging-infra

P.S.: This podcast was recorded on 2nd Sept 2022.

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