About me

Hi, my name is Priyans Murarka. I am the cofounder of ActiveBuildings. ActiveBuildings measures the air quality in your space and helps you fix it. We also work to manage air quality in specialised spaces like washrooms, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, malls, homes, etc.

ExpWithEVs is a passion data project that has blossomed into a business. The blog started documenting my EV road trips across the country. As I drove more, I realised the problems being faced by an EV customer. I collect on ground data and publish reports about the EV industry now.

I have been volunteering with Veditum India Foundation for close to a decade. Veditum is a not-for-profit research, media and action organisation working at the intersection of environmental, cultural, and social challenges.

Outside of this, I am a co cat parent to Aaloo and Lola. I enjoy craft beers and playing board games.

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What is my objective?

  • To showcase the industry on what’s lacking to accelerate EV adoption in India.

  • To provide on ground reality of what’s happening.

What do you mean by unbiased or unfiltered?

I do not take any sponsorship money to promote brands. Thus, I can speak freely for or against someone solely based on their products and service.

How is ExpWithEVs a business?

ExpWithEVs publishes data and analytical reports on the EV industry that anyone can buy. ExpWithEVs also consults businesses and the industry from time to time.

What cars do I own?

  • MG ZS EV 2022 LFP 50.2kWh since April 2022

  • Tata Tiago EV LFP 24kWh since Jan 2023.

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This is a passion project documenting my experiences and commentary on the EV landscape in India. Day job : CoFounder at ActiveBuildings, an indoor air quality company